Love and Marriage

The Truth About Love

While your newsfeed is BLOWING UP with blogs and banter over the upcoming election I offer you a break. Maybe a little something to encourage you as you spend the rest of your weekend in sweatpants or preparing your mind and house for the week to come. Whatever you do I pray you are encouraged to […] Read more…

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7 Marriage Tips For A 7 Year Itch


I’m coming up on seven years of marriage and am beyond blessed to be more in love with the man I married than ever before. Marriage has been no picnic but we’ve worked hard for our marriage to be what it is. I would have never imagined that boy in the bright yellow Old Navy […] Read more…

Your Fool Proof Date Night Plan

  Date night is subjective, especially when little kids sleep in your house and call you “mama.” Every marriage seminar and relationship book encourages date night with your spouse, and while I think it’s a good idea in theory, those with little ones may find date night a little… difficult. While I’ve had some great […] Read more…

10 Tips For Dating After 25

Guest post by Jana Detrick I get it. You’ve been around the block. You may have had a few serious relationships. You may have casually dated. You may even be divorced and here you are, back in the “dating game”, but what your heart wants is anything but games. I hear you, sister, and commiserate […] Read more…

Stay in the know with my latest posts, studies, and events straight to your inbox.
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Encourage the Baby Daddy

learn how to mom

My husband. My fierce, smarter than a whip, get up with the baby in the middle of the night, would do anything for his wife and kids husband, has started a new job. He absolutely loves it but the learning curve is steep. He’s transitioned from teaching fifth grade to working in real estate. He […] Read more…

Single Ladies List

single ladies list

While recently talking to a close girlfriend we discussed how vital it is to know the man you spend your life with BEFORE he puts a ring on it. I have a fair amount of single ladies in my life and for FREAKS SAKE have some sort of advisory board and list you run this buster through. […] Read more…